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Today Ladies And Trust Isuess
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 25th February 2017

I would start with words from a gospel rapper; Words Amp where he asked “How do you expect faithfulness to play when every opportunity you got you bridged his trust! Sometimes the route is double edged!“.

In any relationship, both the guy and the lady see trust as such a huge factor, even though, Men and women look at trust in a different light.

The beginning of a relation might be sour to men and could not care much about trust only because he doesn’t know where the relationship is going and let’s lets be realistic it is clear that at first he is probably only after one thing; “her treasured sweetness“.

And, unlike men, most women find trust as an issue from the very first date. The fear of insecurity develops within her as she is growing older, and another major contributor is the teachings she received from parents at a young age, where she was told that she should be aware of rough, strange boys can be dangerous and they have to be careful.

Having being taught about not trusting from a very young age carries on with a woman right through their life. So the first thing that comes to her mind is the matter concerning TRUST right from day one of dating.

Ok! Enough of these long English and lets face the fact. Ladies are a set of humans who are emotionally driven by the sweetness of the moment. And they do know at the beginning men only want one thing, which the woman knows well.

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Years back, women take time to listen very carefully to what the man says because she knows that a man will say anything to get what he wants. But today, its way far from that. Men are the ones carefully listening and studying her psychology if what she is saying is genuine or just trying to get you accept her lies as she does to other men.

The word LOVE floats her lips and her heart stiffen from getting attached to you but yet pretend to be in love with you. She only love what she sees and want at the moment.

When she well knows that you care, she would be rest assured that you won’t mess up or go for another lady off the hook. And that’s where her journey for keeping of getting wasted by others begins, because she believes she now have someone to marry after messing around with the bad boys.

In what seem to be a healthy and lasting relationship, building trust starts with giving secrets a spot in our routine of fun catching and other forms of interactions, so as to clear future doubts and bridge of trust.

Don’t crucify me by saying I am one-sided, but the truth is bettre said. Though we should know that there are good men/women out there who don’t mess around or double date and they shouldn’t all be painted with the same brush.

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