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The Doom Of Relationships Built On Lies
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 23rd February 2017
Relationship stands the taste of time when the two parties would be sincere to themselves and accept their responsibility of making things right in their emotional routine. 
I could have concur with the words of Simon ‘castro’ Peter to some extend when he said:

“If you don’t have money don’t date serious cos you will get yourself hurt “

The truth is his statement might be a fact, more especially in these technologically driven community, where the social media is playing a big role in redefining the minds of younger generation to believe what they see on TV, read in magazines and the social media. Mimicking the lifestyle of reality TV stars.
Today, I feel the major issue not fine-tuning every relationship is the level of ingenuity and lies we use in approaching the opposite sex at early stages of dating.
When you dress up big and claim you are buoyant financially to a lady, she would have it at the back on her mind that she is rolling with a rich guy. When after sometime, you couldn’t provide to her expectation, do you think she would be able to live up with that and pretend she is satisfied?
Being real to yourself is what in the first place would attract a sensible lady who would rather spend for you to meet up with her class than for you to break her heart with the buckets of lies you pour on her daily. 
Relationships built on truth would endorse high level of trust in one another.
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