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RELATIONSHIPS: 10 Reasons Women Are Better Than Men – Shared By Peter Cheman Koti
Posted by Adamawa Celebrities on 14th December 2015
10. Women “grow” other human beings inside them
Women have
the capability to grow an entire new person inside them. Men on the
other hand make sperms that look like tadpoles and don’t even know which
way to go until they accidentally budge into an egg inside the female’s
body. That is all the role they play while a woman carries a “moving”,
“kicking”, “grown” baby inside her!

9. They can tolerate pain

Like having a baby push through yourself is not enough once, they do it
again and yet again. Women have a greater tolerance for pain as they
would go on doing all their chores for the whole nine months. Men on the
other hand would hide under the sheets if they have flu.

8. Multi tasking

Women can reply to emails on the smartphones, cook, watch over the baby
and listen to TV news at the same time. Men? hahaha! See also Best Jobs
for Women.

7. Female brain has better healing ability

say if both a man and woman met an accident at the same time, a woman
would be up doing her daily tasks even before the man opens his eyes.
That is because a female’s neurons are interlinked while the brain of a
man is compartmentalized.

6. Communication experts
can talk to anyone, anywhere. They know how to socialize with the bus
driver, the teacher of their kids, the cleaner, the salesperson or
anyone sitting with them in the bus. Advances in human life are because
of communication and we owe that to women.

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5. Women get things done

If men don’t find anything interesting, they will not do it. Likewise,
they will not do anything again if they aren’t encouraged and
appreciated the first time- even if it is something like washing dishes.
Women on the other hand will get things done when they have to.

4. Women have super powers that get things done

The utility boy will leave the power on, the policeman will let the
woman off without charging a ticket and she will get her way around any
problem. This super power is tears!

3. Detail oriented
can categorize things like task lists, birthdays, shopping lists,
a$$ignments and whole calendars in their brains while remembering
smaller details like what their boyfriend likes for dinners and other
basic facts. That is downright impossible for men.

2. Women live longer

Women are stronger than men when it comes to nerves which is probably
why they live on average, a year longer than men. Women are also better
decision makers regarding their diet, duties and health check ups.

1. Psychic powers

Not only can women tell why their baby is crying, they can also be
absolutely sure if their husband is cheat*ng or their friend is having a
problem. She will already have figured you out so there is no point
lying about it. A woman has strong intuition

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