By Jonathan Filibus

    Lawmakers in the Adamawa State House of Assembly have passed a resolution recommending for the removal of the Provost College of Education Hong, Dr. Johnson Pongri, over alleged mismanagement of revenue generated by the buses of the College.

    The legislators also said that the retirement age as stipulated by Law,  has caught up with Dr. Pongri  Provost of the College having attended the age of 65 and not yet a Professor.

    The resolution of the honourable members followed the consideration and adoption of the report of the House Special Committee on Rules, Business, Ethics, Privileges and Public Petition headed by the Majority Leader of the house Hon. Hassan Barguma (Hong constituency).

    Moving a motion for the adoption of the report which was signed by 4 out of the 5 members of the committee, the Deputy Majority Leader of the house, Hon. Abubakar Isa (Shelleng) who was seconded by Hon. Umar Hammajoda Farang (Jada Mbulo) told their colleagues that the adoption of the report would help in abiding by rules and regulations governing the administration of higher institutions in the State.

    Earlier the report adopted by the house as presided by the Speaker, Hon. Kabiru Mijinyawa said “there was a serious mismanagement of the revenue generated by the College buses of which there was no single record on how the money generated was expended” saying that the funds embezzled must be retrieved from the embezzlers.

    It added that Section 41 (a) and (b) of the State Law 2015 establishing the College provide the compulsory retirement age for the staff of the College to include; academic staff in the professional cadre shall be 70 years while other academic and non-academic staff shall be 65 years.

    But in his observations during debate on the report, the Member representing Guyuk constituency, Hon. Sunday Peter who cited Section 39 (5a) of the house standing order said that the findings number 1 to 6 of the committee are not supposed to be included in the report because the petitioners are not challenging the reappointment of the Provost.

    Hon. Peter observed that the report contains some allegations that were not captured in the petition, urging that if there are mismanagement of funds in the College, there should be an appendix or evidence that has to do with financial mismanagement attached to the report like that of the age so as to back their report.

    According to him, the concerned citizens of Gombi and Hong Local Government Areas who filed the petition are not challenging the age or qualifications of the Provost and that if they are talking about mismanagement, there is no document to back the report and that the Provost cannot be the only one involved because there are other principal officers like the Registrar and the Bursar.

    He pointed out that the report is not detailed enough that would lead to the removal of the Provost because the house is not adopting the petition but the report of house committee.

    Also speaking, Hon. Umar Hammajoda Farang (Jada Mbulo) said that all the allegations were mentioned in the petition and properly addressed to the Speaker, adding that when the petition was referred to their committee, the committee members  invited the Provost and those involved and deliberated on it item by item and that the Provost admitted to all the allegations.

    On his part, Hon. Abubakar Isa (Shelleng constituency) told his colleagues that the findings of the committee were strong enough that would lead to the termination of the appointment of the Provost saying that the Bursar and other principal officers should be made to refund the money embezzled.

    After contributions from the honourable members, the Speaker Hon. KAbiru Mijinyawa who presided over the resumed plenary session directed the Clerk of the house to communicate the resolutions of the house to the Executive arm for necessary action.

    By Dickson Obidah

    The Adamawa State University Mubi during the week has matriculated a total of 3,898 candidates who met the (NUC) National University Commission bench mark and the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board cut off mark and the State University registration requirements.

    The Ag. Vice Chancellor Prof. Kaletapwa Farauta George while congratulating the matriculating students said the management will strive towards ensuring excellence and provide quality education to students of the university.

    According to her 225 are from Faculty of Agriculture, 207 Faculty Arts, 174 Faculty Education, 1,335 Faculty of Science  while 2,048 Faculty Social and Management Science.

    Prof. Farauta called on the students to abide by the rules and regulations of the university by adhering to dress code and shun examination malpractice, cultism and violence.

    She said to make success in life it depends on the social network one is able to build and therefore encouraged students to cultivate friendship across religious and ethnic divide.

    The Ag. VC charged the new students to be security conscious at all times saying that the management is working that round the clock to ensure safety of the environment as security is every one’s business.

    She then expressed gratitude to the State Government for the tremendous support and encouragement to the school by investing heavily in the school thereby creating enabling environment.

    Deputy Governor, Engr. Martins Babale who stood in for the Governor Bindow commended the Ag. VC and the school management for the peace the school have enjoyed so far.

    He said the Bindow administration is quite aware of the numerous challenges the school is facing, saying government is doing its best to overcome these challenges.

    He urged both the management and students to give peace a chance so that the university will get to the height the founding fathers have envisaged.

    Admonishing the students to be dedicated and hardworking so that they will make both the university and the state proud and also contribute their quota to the development of the State.

    The Deputy Governor later commissioned two completed hostel blocks, both male and female students with a capacity to accommodate 87 students.


    As you read this write-up, you should not forget in a hurry that we're still in the month of April. And do you know what that means? The spirit of April Fool is still lingering on the minds of many, I inclusive.

    That reminded me of what happened in my compound just before the Easter holidays. A primary school pupil came back home weeping bitterly. This is what happened on that day. His teacher entered his class and said. “If you know you are stupid, stand up.” The whole class sat quietly and latter a boy stood up. The teacher then asked, “So you are the stupid boy?” The boy answered, “No! I just don't want you to be the only stupid person standing”.

    If this boy did not come back home crying, won't you be surprised? When he told me what happened, I outrightly blamed him for his honesty. You know why? Nigerians don't like honest people.

    My people, I've observed that these days we've been overworking ourselves, Recently in Yolde-Pete, an Okada man worked till 11:50pm in the night. On getting home, he decided to take a bath. Suddenly, he ran out naked shouting “Ghost…Ghost.”

    Since the inhabitants of the community know that I'm a journalist, they begged me to ask him whether he actually saw a Ghost. I met him that very night and narrating his story, the Okada man said that he poured water on his head about 5 times and the water was not touching his head. As I looked up. I discovered that the idiot did not remove his helmet before having his bath.

    As I was dressing up for work, a married man visited me. From his face, I knew that he was in big trouble. He told me, “Isuwa, my wife went to the market to buy some things and left my 4 months old baby to the 19 years old house help. The little baby started crying, the house girl had done everything to make him stop  crying, but the boy kept crying, so the girl now brought out her breasts to breast feed the baby, and immediately the breast entered his mouth, he stopped crying.

    “As my child was sucking the breast, I entered and saw it. I was so angry and afraid that he could contact diseases from there. I shouted at the girl, but she told me that nothing was coming out from the breast. I didn’t believe her, she  then asked  me to taste it and I decided to suck the breast to confirm. As I was sucking her breast, my wife came in. Upon all my explanation, she refused to believe me. Please Isuwa, help me talk to her, please help me tell her that it was an innocent sucking”.

    As if that was not enough, a young lady came to me later in the evening crying bitterly. I asked her what the problem was and she responded, “Just three days ago, it was my boy  friend’s birthday I then decided to give him my bodyas a gift. Now he's thrown me out”. I looked at her very well and innocently said, “My birthday is tomorrow, I also need the gift”.

    A man fell into a well and was screaming for help. His wife came with a rope  to help. Down inside the well, the man looked at the rope and said, “How much did you buy this rope?” The wife said N1,500. “What!” the man shouted inside the well, “Return it to the seller now and immediately, and go to Mama Ada's shop down the street. Her own is N300. Hurry up before I die here”.

    Well, can you guess where this man was from? Saliha Marafa was quick to say that he was an Igbo man. While I partially agree with her, where do you think he is from?

    A primary 2 pupil brought an assignment for me to help in the name of Home Work. The first question was; what the name of Animals that eat plants? I answered; Herbivores. The second question; what is the name of Animals that eat meat? I wrote the answer; Carnivores. The third question, what is the name of Animals that eat both meet and plants? I answered; Omnivores. It was the fourth question that I was not able to answer. A snake that swallowed N36 million is called what? Please reader, we need your help here.

    The other day as I was coming to the office, I found a piece of paper on the ground and read. After I read, I saw the need to share it with my readers, especially the ladies.

    “When a woman rejects a man of vision and accept a man with television, she will end up watching the man of vision on her own husband’s television. Don't judge a man by his pocket but judge him by his vision”.

    Do you know that people we thought like us are actually our enemies? The lawyer hopes you get into trouble, doctor hopes you fall sick, the police hopes you become a criminal, the teacher hopes you are dull and the coffin maker wants you deed. Only the thief wishes you prosperity in life so that he can have his share. Please hug the next thief by your side. He is your only true friend.

    Just yesterday, a friend of mine knocked at my door in tears, “Isuwa, you know my girl friend Ramatu. On the 1st April she told me  she is pregnant. I have been waiting for her to say April fool and up to today, she her not said that”. I looked at him politely and said, “Congratulations”.

    Last Sunday in the church I attended, the Secretary stood up for announcement, “Attendance in church last Sunday. Human beings 85, Bible 27, Phone charger 507, Rechargeable lamps 212, Rechargeable Torch 176 and Power Banks 132.

    Of course, you don't need to be reminded that April 1st is named Fool's Day. After Steve April was born on 1st April all his 1579, he did 105 businesses in his lifetime. He lost  father's assets, and so everyone started calling him father of all fools.

    At 19, he married a 61-year-old woman who divorced him after a year because of his foolishness. He used to believe every kinds of fake stories like you are doing right now on this column since the start of the month of April. But don't worry nor hurry, let's meet again next week.

    In Africa, we make a lot use of didactic stories, sayings, proverbs, idioms, and figurative expressions to teach moral lessons and to motivate people to actions that are productive and beneficial to both the individual and the society. These sayings and expressions are deliberately crafted to instruct as well as delight the listener.

    The Bible, speaking about such words and expressions in Proverbs 25:11, says:
    “A word fitly spoken is like gold in pictures of silver”

    This scriptural proverb alludes to the fact that such expressions are beautiful and expensive all at the same time. There expensiveness stems from the fact that the lessons they teach and the motivation they bring can change a person's life for good and eventually lead to success and fortune. Well-articulated thoughts and ideas are a captivating fascination Worldwide chiefly because they facilitate human growth and development.

    I want to use one such expression to bring out one or two lessons about life that I trust you will find very useful going forward. This particular expression is one of my favorite and ever since I came across it over two decades ago, I have used it to motivate myself and others with great results. It is a saying attributed to several people but the most likely author is Mark Twain. 

    It says:
    “It is not the size of the dog that is in the fight but the size of the fight that is in the dog”

    This saying underlines the universal truth that the fastest does not automatically win races; the strongest does not automatically win fights; the wisest does not automatically win the best places; the most skillful does not automatically win favor; the most talented does not automatically win fortune; the most gifted does not automatically win wealth; the most connected does not automatically win the best positions. No!

    Other factors and forces come into play – factors such as how well you make use of your time, how smartly you take the opportunities that come your way from time to time, and how strongly determined and highly motivated you are in your pursuits – and these factors can and will tilt the equation to balance out in favor of the disadvantaged.

    This means that if you are highly motivated and strongly determined, and you use your time and chances productively and purposefully; you can beat the odds stacked against you and end up successful in this life.

    German author and poet, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749 – 1832) agrees. He says:
    “Motivation will almost always beat talent”Mary Kay Ash (1918 – 2001), entrepreneur and cosmetologist, adds:

    “Those who are blessed with the most talent don't necessarily outperform everyone else. It's the people with follow-through who excel”

    Italian actress, Sophia Loren, also agrees. She says:
    “Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superior talent”
    Financial and investment counselor, Charles Schwab, also agrees.

     He says:
    “A man will succeed in almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm”

    There you have it; confirmation coming from the mouth of people who know. You may be a small dog right now, do not give up or lose hope. Smallness is not a foregone conclusion that you will end small. Your case has not been foreclosed. You can end up as the top dog. Whatever you do, do not give up the fight. Stir yourself up. Stand tall and strong. Refuel your motivation and determination. Refire your enthusiasm. Go at your goals with an unflinching zeal. Pay the price, in time and labor, and the prize will be yours.

    Professor Adebayo Williams started school at the age of 12, owing to his disadvantaged background. He studied and worked hard, and today he is one of the leading African scholars in the United States of America and the World at large.

    Sir Olatunbosun Ige Olumide, a renowned educationist and theologian of international repute, also had a disadvantaged background. He pushed “amalanke” at the Lagos ports during holidays to make money to pay his way through school. By the time he died a few years ago, he had become one of the most educated and decorated human beings on the planet with six doctorate degrees that he studied for and earned in Business Management, Management Science, International Affairs, Hebrew Literature, Religious Education, and Theology, plus over 50 honorary doctorate degrees from leading universities and seminaries around the World.

    Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa was born an ordinary man with an extra-ordinary inner drive and a forceful personality. He came from such a poor background that he wore his first shoes at the age of 18! But by the time he died 42 years later, he had become one of the richest and most influential clergymen, not only in Nigeria, but in the whole World.

    Life is full of such inspiring stories where a combination of inner drive, determination, diligence, discipline, desire, etc, work together, overcome daunting challenges and serious disadvantage to rise to the top and accomplish great things.

    Your story can not be different. Your disadvantaged background and unfavorable circumstances are not strong enough to hold you back as long as you are motivated enough to push forward against all odds. You will eventually breakthrough. You will come to the limelight. You will shine in this life. Nothing is impossible.

    Keep moving forward and upward.

    The current takeover of music combination has uncovered a huge number of dynamic and varied abilities everywhere throughout the Nigeria, and Adamawa vocalist, lyricist and rapper – Maupheen, is an exemplary case of these talented ones.

    The Adamawa based heavy weight lyricist, might just have clinched a new record deal with International record label AGE 24.

    The deal is said to provide a house for the youngster in Lagos, a brand new car and couple of other incentives.

    Congratulations Maupheen!

    More details coming soon:

    See photos below:

    By Isuwa Ishaku

    Have you been suffering from stage fright during public outing and  of command of English language? Within a week, all these setbacks will be a history if you avail yourself to Konngol SilverTongue Institute of  media language and training institute which is the only institute in the North-Eastern sub-region.The institute has been producing public speakers and event managers.

    A lot of media practitioners, engineers, economics and other professionals who went to improve their communication skills and learn event management can now stand before a large audience because they have gotten the rudiments  in the art of public speaking, authority over languages as well as event management.

    The 6th Graduation  Ceremony of class 2018 “A” was held last week Saturday at the institute's premises where graduands displayed public speaking skills they acquired before the admiration of the audience.

    The Scope Deputy News Editor, Zubairu Iya Abubakar was one of the graduands of class of 2018 “A” and his remark at the occasion was one of the best presentation.

    Chairman of the occasion, Adamawa state Director National Orientation Agency (NOA), Engr. Ahmad Sudi Abba said that Konngol Silver Tongue is one of its kind in this part of the country going by its commitment of producing orators, event management as well as the ability for one to express himself anywhere.

    He said that the Agency in the state is proud to associate itself with the institute. He commended the founder and his team for giving back to the society what they have gotten.

    In his remark, the District Head of Yola, Alh. Mohammed Ahmed Mustapha stated that he was honoured to have such a classic institute in his domain, called on Yola residents to take advantage of the proximity of the institute and enroll so as to improve their speaking skills.

    The Royal Father charged the gathering to position God first in whatever they do and called on the graduands to utilize the knowledge they have learnt in their respective fields.

    In his message, the Adamawa State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Comrade Ahmad Sajoh commended the founder for a job well done, adding that Konngol Silvertongue will go a long way in improving information manager in the art of public speaking.

    Represented by the Director Information in the Ministry, Sa'ad Binkola, the commissioner congratulated the graduands for successful graduation and urged them to put what they have learnt into practice.

    Also speaking at the occasion, the proprietress of ABTI Academy, Madam Ladi Atiku Abubakar said that it is time for voices to be heard, adding that this could   only be possible if people are groomed in the art of public speaking.

    According to her, being the only institute in the North East sub-region and with such mission and vision, Konngol Silver Tongue is going places base on the testimonies she heard at the occasion from the graduands.

    In his goodwill message, the General Manager Adamawa Press Limited (APC), publishers of The Scope Newspaper, Mallam Jouro Saleh Buba thanked the  founder of the institute for given a slot to the company in every class session, adding that the facilities are enough to improve the standard of people in their fields and professions; especially the media practitioners.

    He said that all the reporters in The Scope Newspaper that attended Konngol Silver Tongue have been doing well over the others, and called on practicing journalists, information officers and members of other professions to enroll in the institute to enable them equipped in communication skills.

    In his remark, the Academic Director, Yusuf Muhammad pointed that the gradunads should not be carried away by their achievements at Konngol Silver Tongue, but should try to utilize what they have been taught to the outside world.

    According to him, expression in both oral and written are the basic needs in everyone, hence the need for Konngol Silver Tongue to be commitment in improving humanity in the area of public speaking and event management.

    In his speech, Vice President, Public Affairs, American University of Nigeria (AUN), and founder Konngol Silver Tongue, Prof. Abubakar Abba Tahir revealed that many packages are underway for those that are in search of self-development and courage.

    He stated that, “this class has one of the outstanding records. Aside from programme management, plans have been concluded to start the Basic English grammar course in April. It's open to everyone interested in either perfecting their skills or filling their provisions gaps in the English language”.

    In testifying their stories among the graduands, Zainab Sa'ad Abubakar described Prof. Tahir as an epitome of knowledge, as she can now moderate her speech and not and how. Aminu Julde Gurumpawo said that he now knows the 3Ps in public speaking which are preparation, practice and presentation.

    While Sa'adatu Murtala stated that Konngol has polished her speech, writing and communication skills, Na'omi Simon projected women in good light where she said that opportunity should also be given to women in nation building.

    Other graduands that gave touching testimonies include; Aminu Jika, Fatima Misa, Hamza Audi, Moses Abidon and Salihu Adamu Usman while Tom Garba and Umayya Abubakar Njidda mastered the ceremony.