By Patrick Anyum

    The year 2018 has come like a hurricane, who can stop it? In other climes, people may have been lucky to have leaderships that prepared them well enough to be able to drop unwanted baggages from 2017 ,a year also that made its unstoppable exit! 

    In Nigeria, 99% of its poor population were forced to carry their baggages in the new year! While the composory ritual of its celebration called on everyone, truth was that this percentage of Nigerians were actually mourning and cursing hopelessly. 

    As excess food were being thrown out in privileged homes of politicians and their business collaborators, greater hunger and fear of unknown were beconing and tormenting the future of these living hopeless. 

    These living hopeless include, victims of Boko Haram, herdsmen militia, kidnappers, Armed robbers, victims of corruption in both public and civil service, and victims of punitive leadership! 

    To these category of Nigerians, 2018 is another nightmare. While those in government and those favoured by it count their blessings, these victims count their misery wishing they were not born here.
    Trillions of budget proposal is being debated at the federal level but it hardly concern them. Similarly, billions are being debated at the state level but where is their place in all these? Their level is dead! Call it local government if you like. 

    This is the true picture of majority of Nigerians or do you have a different one for them? Well, maybe fiction I suppose!

    The problem of the internally displaced people ( IDPs) will continue to linger for a very long while. The immediate and the remote effect on the socio economic aftermath of the causes that necessitated the displacement  of persons cannot be assessed by a cursory look.

    Internally Displaced Persons have become a serious problem to the State and to the society in general. While it is true that not all of them constitute a major problem.

    Some of them are as a result of loss of lives and property have become prone to social vices.

    As a result of the displacement especially during the Boko Haram insurgency that swept many local Governments, a large part of the affected areas were rushed out of more especially by the young and able. Those that escaped rushed to the urban centers with nothing and therefore have to struggle for a living.

    Yola the Capital City of Adamawa State for instance became a hub for such displaced persons. It is also interesting to note that the displaced persons from Michika, Madagali, Hong, Gombi, Mubi North , Mubi South and Maiha LGAs did not only stop in Yola but went as far as Ganye LG and Lamurde with no means of Livelyhood and as a result had to result to menial jobs in order to earn a living.

    Most of them had no accommodations and have to squat in make shift rooms or uncompleted buildings with no social amenities .

    It is also imperative to note that IDPs to a large extent have increased the social problems in Adamawa State and in Nigeria.

    While a good number of them with entrepreneurial skills fend  for a living selling recharge cards, hawking water, selling fruits, shining shoes etc. a good number of them have become criminals in nature  engaging in stealing, robbing and drug addiction. Quite a number of the girls have resorted to prostitution  which appears an easy way out. The case of prostitution can be attested to by a visit to all the joints at night where by midnight very young girls offer themselves for a meal and bed to sleep in.

    The plight of the IDPs especially the young is multifaceted . Many of them have lost their parents and are to a large extent disconnected from all family ties. Some as a result of their experiences are psychologically traumatized and have become a social problem that needs psychiatric attention.

    Some of the IDPs have resorted to crime thereby causing serious security problem. Like the "Yan Shila" hoodlums that have become a major concern to Security and protective agencies in the state capital .

    Theses hoodlums mostly in their teens and early twenties wield knives and would stab and injure or even kill just for a handset or a purse. The activities of these young hoodlums have created fear and a new dimension in the way security agencies operate. The ruthless attitude of these hoodlums  has been a major concern for protective agencies and the population at large.

    All state security services have developed an attitude of dealing stringently with young suspects because quite a number of them pose a serious threat to the society at large. To a large extent, the local population view homeless young persons without compassion because an impression has been created about their potential of being dubious and criminal. Assistance that could be rendered in normal circumstances has been denied due to the fear of what such youth would manifest into.

    The plight of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) more especially the young is that their academic pursuits have been truncated leaving them vulnerable to social vices. Several institutions including Primary schools, secondary school and tertiary institutions are yet to recover from the effect of the Boko Haram insurgency and the farmer herders clashes that have also become a major concern in Adamawa, Taraba and Benue States.

    The cumulative effect is that if nothing is done to correct this problem, an army of half educated youth will constitute a major problem to the society.

    In view of the aforementioned , it is incumbent on the Government to find means of sustaining, resettling and rehabilitating displace persons to enable them pick up the pieces of their lives that have been disrupted by the religious and socio economic problems that have resulted in violent conflicts.

    Police Public relations officer Othman Abubakar opine that a lot of them have already blended with the society and it will be difficult to pick out such people since the police cannot just go on an arresting spree of suspicious persons.

    Non Governmental organizations such as the Search For Common Ground (SFCG) needs to be encouraged to render assistance  to vulnerable youths that constitute a large portion of the Internally Displace Persons.

    Those that cannot go back to schools should be trained in various vocations to enable them live a crime free life.

    The ability to rehabilitate IDPs can only be achieved if proper records are kept.

    Mammal Furo, A permanent Secretary With The Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency says that a lot has to be done in rehabilitating people as there are a lot of issues pertaining to psychological and trauma related cases, in some case some have been enrolled into schools at the camps and a lot will have to be done to sustain the existing schools were most of the teachers are military personnel "

    It is worthy to note that the number of IDPs that stay in refugee camps  does not really reflect the true number of displaced persons. Some of the displaced persons live out of camps  due to the deplorable situations in the camps hitch are short of social amenities like toilets and proper feeding.

    Government must take cognizance of the ugly trend of the IDP situation and elected leaders must muster the courage to implement policies that will be beneficial many of the people affected.

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    A police Inspector, known as Bobbo, his wife, Sgt. Grace, their daughter and a constable have been burnt to death in an early morning fire at Police Barrack in Yola.

    The tragic news which was first shared on the social media in the early mornings of Wednesday occurred around 1:00 am and the cause of the fire is being investigated as confirmed by the Adamawa Command Public Relations Officer, Othman Abubakar
    “Inspector Bobbo, his wife Sgt. Grace, their daughter and a newly recruited constable who is a relation that is squatting with them were all killed in the unfortunate incident,” Abubakar said.

    Some residents of the barracks said efforts to put off the fire and rescue the victims were not successful due to the burglarproof in the house.
    “Many people have installed burglarproof due to petty thefts being experienced in the barrack,” a female resident who spoke under anonymity said.

    Meanwhile, Adamawa Deputy Governor, Mr Martins Babale has visited the barrack to sympathize with the residents over the incident.


    Fire has engulfed Yola town market, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

    Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi, the Adamawa State Chief Fire Officer who confirmed the development to NAN said his men were so far in control of the situation.
    “I am at the scene of the incident and can assure you that things are under control. We are about to contain the fire which damage so far is not much,” Abdullahi said.

    The Administrative Secretary of Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency (ADSEMA), Mr Hassan Furo, who also confirmed the incident, said that the extend of damage could not be ascertain as at now.

    NAN report that similar fire outbreak was recorded in the market in 2015 were properties worth billions of naira were lost. (NAN)

    Five individuals, including two  insurgents, were killed in an early Tuesday assault in Pallam town of Madagali in Adamawa, as confirmed by the Chairman of the local government, Yusuf Mohammed on Tuesday.
    According to Mr. Mohammed, the insurgents assaulted the town around midnight in an operation that kept going more than 60 minutes, killing three individuals. "They shot and killed a security man guarding the village clinic and slaughtered a man that tried to escape, while the third victim was a shop owner who was burnt to death in his shop when they set fire on 18 lock-up shops in the village,”.

    The Chariman said soldiers and local hunters who chased the insurgents were able to shoot two dead.

    The spokesman of the police command in Adamawa, Othman Abubakar, also confirmed the incident but said he had no details yet.

    Mr. Abubakar said information reaching him was that three people lost their lives with shops destroyed.

    Also commenting, the Administrative Officer of Hunters Association in Madagali Local Government Area, Malam Bakura Madagali, said three villagers were kill with one injured.
    “Two Boko members were also killed,” Madagali said.



    Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, on sunday saind in a statement that, as a means of honoring the gallant efforts of the Nigerian military urged Nigerians to embrace peace and unity.
    “I admire the bravery of members of our armed forces, and celebrate their hard efforts to keep us safe. My prayer on this day is to see a time soon when the guns and the armoured tanks lie idle because we have no more battles left to fight,” Atiku noted.

    “My hope for our country is to see a time when neighbours of different tribes and tongues see one another as brother and sister, when Christians and Muslims regard each other as one under God who created all, when citizens could express opinions and grievances freely, then there will be no need for insurgency or uprising. We would all live together in peace and harmony. And, yes, our armed forces will have little to do!

    “We must never take for granted the great sacrifice that these brave men and women have made or are making. We must never forget them or their loved ones. On this Armed Forces Remembrance Day, I call on Nigerians all over the world to show respect and love to our security personnel by showing respect and love to one another.

    “When we all live in peace and unity and love, we not only enable steady development and progress in our great country, Nigeria, but we minimise the unnecessary pain, grief and loss of life among our beloved armed forces, who have bravely signed up to keep us all safe and secure. Our fallen heroes and their families are not the only ones who suffer.

    “We all are victims of those who do not want our progress and development and perpetually pit one ethnic or religious group against the other. It is time for Nigerians to remember to say no to divisions and acrimony caused by people with only their selfish interests at heart.” he added.