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ClassiQ, The Arewa Mafia Confirm His Performance At ADSU Mubi

Northern Nigerian most celebrated recording and performing artiste, ClassiQ who is also called by the street as The Arewa Mafia, has confirmed that he would be performing live at the Rotaract Club Mask party Holding at the Adamawa State University on Sunday, 27th May along side other talented Adamawa based acts.

ClassiQ made this confirmation via his Instagram account. See below:

Reflections: When divorce is inevitable (1)

Isuwa Ishaku

This is a true life story.  It happened in Rumde, Jimeta.  I was still feeling the pain of losing late Sahabi when an elderly man in the area told me this story that has kept me wondering.
Mallam Musa (not real name) married two women.  One day, the wives had misunderstanding that led to a fight.  The people in the compound were upset about the fight because it was uncalled for.
When he came back and heard the “show of shame” that was displayed by his two wives, he decided to send them packing.  He sent both the first and second wife back to their father's house.  He actually did that to avoid blame game.
After a couple of months, the first wife decided to come back without waiting for a “call-back” from the husband.  As responsible as Mallam Musa has been known for, he let the sleeping dog lie.
The second wife heard about the development, and decided to come back too; without the husband's permission.  She came back and met her husband's father (her father-in-law) and his friends sitting on the mat infront of the house.
She said, “I'm back. I've been told that you people said that I'm a trouble-maker, it's today that you all here will know the definition of trouble.  Yes, I have come back to put an end to this trouble”.
After saying that, she walked into the house.  The elders did not bother to neither respond to her nor follow her in.  There was no need for that.  Since she came back as the first wife did, so be it.
She entered the house and called her “rival” who was inside the room.  Immediately the first wife came out, the second wife removed a knife from her shirt and stabbed the first wife.  There she laid dead on the ground in the pool of her blood.
When the elders and other passers-by heard the scream, they rushed into the house and their shocking eyes got sight of the hopeless and lifeless body of the woman. One man among them courageously snatched the knife from the then “newest murderer”.
When Mallam Musa came back, he met none of his two wives.  When his first wife was lying dead on the mat, the second wife was taken to the CID office.  The deceased was buried at the Jimeta Cemetery opposite Adamawa State Polytechnic Yola popularly known as SPY.
Mallam Musa found time and visited his second wife at the CID office.  As soon as she saw him, she asked him about his wife that she stabbed, and after he told her that she was dead, the woman fainted.  After an hour or two, she regained consciousness, waiting for the law to take its course.
When the elder man was done telling me the story, he asked me, “My son, if you were the man, what are you going to do?  Will you fight to set her free or you will divorce her to face her fate?”
I wanted to answer him immediately, but I paused.  This old man did not tell me this story for the fun of it.  What was fun in the story anyway?  I knew very well that this elder man had something on his mind before telling me the story.
As myopic as I am about life compared to this man, I wanted to find the positive side of the story, “Baba, since the second wife asked about the woman she stabbed, that means she is sorry and regretted what she did.  I'll see reasons to fight for her case and continue to live as husband and wife if she is set free”.
The old man smiled silently, and that was an indication that somehow somewhere I had “missed road” in my judgment.  The old man told me that while forgiveness is priceless, sometimes people have to go their separate ways for the good of the individuals.
“My son, the most dangerous person to stay with is someone who could do anything when he is angry or jealous.  Such persons are capable of doing anything; things that they would later regret when they go back to their senses.  My son, I’m not encouraging divorce.  But if staying together will do more harm than good, sometimes not letting go is wickedness”.
The old man's words were reasonable, and wrapped in wisdom.  But I could not figure out any sense about being wicked staying with someone sometimes.  In my own little understanding, I thought any man who divorces his wife doesn't love her again.  But from what this man was saying; does that mean that there is a divorce that could be resulted from the love the man has for his wife?  Is that not an irony?
This man here was old enough to be my father, and I couldn't just say he did not know what he was saying.  But as a young man who always wants to know more, especially from elderly people, I asked him to enlighten me more so as to get a clear and better picture.
He cleared his throat, “My son let me tell you a story…” It was after the next story Baba told me that I bought his ideas.  Hope you are eager to know the story?  Grab a copy of The Scope next edition.

with Isuwa Ishaku

Nigeria shall be free

I am a terminal optimist, a pacifist and an apologist of peace.  I believe in hope because hope to me is a vehicle of life without which life grinds to a halt. So I'm in love with a film, “The return of the Saint” with a lead character called Simon Templer, and a book called “Zambia shall be free”.
Kenneth Kaunde, the ex-president of Zambia wrote the famous book “Zambia shall be free”.  The book is actually a concise chronicle of the bit by bit struggle to free Zambia when it was in the throes of colonialism.  The book is an epistle of hope and epilogue portrait of the struggle itself of the Zambian people who were determined as can be seen in the excellent plot of the book through its two protagonists – Kaunda himself and Harry Nkumbula.
The duo represented the Zambian spirit of nationalism and patriotism.  That was the Zambian phenomenal spirit for survival, unity and independence.
In Nigeria, we got our independence on the platter of gold, we never had a bitter struggle to teach us lessons of the pricelessness of peace and unity.  The history of our struggle was summarized by one word – negotiated – our independence was purely negotiated.  So the heroes of this negotiation would rather lay a regional/ethnic foundation for our country.
Therefore, while we were celebrating the departure of the British colonialists, our independence was still a far cry and an aberration.
Yes, the British left but as we can see, right from that time to date, Nigeria exists without dream.  At heart, we are far apart and despise one another.  Nigeria no doubt is real but a mere geography not a yet a nation and unless we fight to achieve the elusive nationhood, we cannot celebrate true independence.
Watch it, today, 95% of Nigerians do not know what Nigeria means to them and it has been so for decades, only the remaining 5% who have metamorphosed as the trustees of our common wealth, and are recklessly looting for what has come to stay as family and friends empires are singing the Nigeria song.  Indeed no one else except them do!
The Regional blocks except the south west have dissolved or disintegrated for the reason that they ceased to add value to the lives of the residents.  The outdated faudal mentality of leadership style has become insufficient to feed the needs of 21st century generation of Nigerian youths who are being modernized by technology in spite of their illiteracy.  So, we have a generation of youths built by Technology which is opposed to the old way of doing things but are still “illiterate”, and entirely volatile.
All the happening in Nigeria today originates from these factors.  No one sees himself fundamentally as a Nigerian: first we are our father's man or daughter, second, tribe, then state.  Infact, Nigeria is always an afterthought.  That is why if a president for example comes from a particular tribe; the tribe becomes automatically the first tribe.  The media even elevate its culture to become a national one no matter how obscure it may be.
Attempts to make a nation of Nigeria such as Federal character and quota system failed because those in privileged positions wouldn't let go tribal sentiments.  We are just a nation of tribes cohabiting within a constitutional location defined by great Britain and recognized by the United Nations.  These are the two factors that have created a legal canopy which we are struggling to get out of.
Most tribes like the Igbos would have loved to leave the geographical entity called Nigeria if not for this very complication.  How many times each section of the country threatened to go its way?  Nigeria as a country has no national symphony that could make everybody dance; it rather has grown perishable petals that fall off easily under heat.
We have a tribe of leaders who go into government only building defences as if they are under trail.  Most Nigerian leaders don't lead; they stand opposite the people that entrust their fate into their hands. Very few leaders in Nigeria grab the bull by the horns.  One good example is governor Bindow. At his inauguration he told Adamawa people that he would never offer excuse for not performing and because he came in with the right attitude, he performed right in the face of lack of resources.  Whether you like him or not you must concede ground when it comes to assessing his performance. 
No state without investable foundation can develop. Adamawa had no investable foundation 24 years after its creation.  Bindow has provided that so let's give him credit for it.
Nigeria is in the second half of her chase for 100 years and is well linked and part of global evolution, yet our leaders who take all kinds of Tourisms outside here behave like foreign investors who would rather send their profit home than build here.  Our leaders don't invest their profit here; they are the worst agents of capital flight!
Of course they need the flight because it's the best laundering process for their scandalous profiteering.  Today, the sun is setting on us and our leaders are still talking politics.  It is this very misplaced idea of politics of opposition and politics of incumbency even within the party structure that has created the nerve centre of offensive leadership and protectionist constituencies which are radicalized along our primordial sentiments.
Nigeria has become fundamentally offered to primordial cleavages and willingly received in to isolationist extremism which is driving it to a state of anarchy.  Banditry is increasing at an uneasy speed, and it is clear that authorities cannot cut off their sources of supply.
Therefore, what is resonating now are dreadful echoes of blame game!  How can blaming each other solve our national problem.  I think this is the point where leadership should distinguish itself.  Every bandit group has known now that it can easily curry support from hidden blocks of power drunk elites to curve out territories for only God knows why.  In fact, while this puzzle is going on blood is flowing endlessly.  Honestly, I think if this trend is not halted in time, 2019, may turn out to be a launching pad for bandit groups to create new rivers in Nigeria - rivers where water does not flow but blood!
My hope however is in majority of Nigerians who simply want peace.  Today, nobody is really talking about party per se, people are more interested in individual merit.  They are no longer routing for money or rice and omo, they are concerned about integrity and the peace of their land.  This new thinking has the potentials to save Nigeria.
So Nigeria will survive and by His grace be free soon by the tribe of the new Nigeria which the vice President Osibanjo has been advocating.


Foundation donates to bomb blast victims

Aisha Sa'a | Scope News

Mubi bomb blast victims receiving medication at the Federal Medical Centre Yola have been called upon to regard their health condition as an act of God such tragedy will happen to them at that time.
The call was made by Hajiya Halima Abdulhamid, last Friday when she led a delegation of some executive members of H.D foundation, a non-governmental and charitable organization to the hospital and provided succor to the victims of the bomb blast who are currently responding to treatment at Federal Medical centre, Yola.
Some of the items donated by the H.D foundation include; milk, detergent and toiletries among others.
According to Hajiya Halima the organization felt that the victims of bomb blast needs to be shown care and concern and decided to extend their hands of fellowship to them in order to give them a hope and sense of belonging, described their condition as worrisome, and appealed to people of Adamawa state to continue supporting the victims.
Another member of H.D foundation, Bello Muhammad Bello also described, the condition of victims of the Mubi bomb blast as a pathetic one and called on other non-governmental organizations, philanthropists and other well meaning individuals in the state beyond to come to the aid of the victim.
Some of the recipients of the succour, Malam Isa Muhammad and Adamu Sale, expressed their appreciation to the donors for the kind gesture and wish them success in all their future endeavours. Members of H.D foundation them prayed for Allah for the quick recovery of the victims.

NGO distributes uniforms to primary school pupils

By Aliyu Hamza Babakano: -
A Yola based governmental organization, Gate Keepers has donated school uniforms to pupils of Musdafa and Wuro Hausa primary schools in Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa state as part of efforts to compliment government efforts towards upliftment of the standard of education in the state.

In his speech, the chairman of the organization Prince Mahmud Barkindo Aliyu Mustafa explained that the distribution was to support parents to enable pupils to gain the qualitative education and be useful members of the society.

In his vote of thanked the PTA Chairman of Mustafa Primary School, Sarki Sudan Adamawa Alh. Abubakar Aliyu Musdafa commended the effort of the organization for their assistance to the pupils and called on individuals and other non-governmental organizations to emulate the gesture.

Earlier the Head of Teacher, Haj. Samira Hammawa thanks the organization for their humanitarian contributions and community services to the school and also prayed Almighty Allah to reward them abundantly.

In their separate remarks, the General Manager Pula'aku FM Yola Alh. Umar Sambo Abubakar, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Women Affairs, Haj. Maisaratu Bello, Education Secretary Yola South, Ibrahim Usman commended “Gate Keepers” for a job well done describing the assistance as a morale booster which will encourage pupils to study hard. He therefore called on teachers to reciprocate the gesture by putting their best.

Fire guts down female hostel at School of Nursing and Midwifery Yola

By Aliyu Hamza Babakano | Scope News

Fire suspected to have been sparked off by electrical fault has gutted down one of the Female Hostels of the School of Nursing and Midwifery Yola at about 3am on Monday morning last week.
An eye witness Karen Kardili, one of the students who resides in the next room at wing C, Umar Jibrilla Hostel, told The Scope in an exclusive interview that the incident happened around 3am.
She added that they first sensed the smell of burning rubber and quickly woke up other colleagues whom they shared room but later noticed that the smoke was coming from outside so they then rushed out and discovered smoke who coming, from neighbours room who traveled for weekend”, she said.
She added that with the combined effort of male and female students they brought the situation under control.
Karen commended the effort of the students especially their neighbours and male students for their timely intervention.
She further said that the occupants lost virtually all their belongings including their cloths and books, and attributed the cause of the fire to electrical fault.
In an interview with The Scope the Hostel Manager of the School, Mr. Bulus Midala said, no loss of life or injuries but noting all properties within the hostel were burnt to ashes.
He appreciate the effort of the students for bringing the situation under control.
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